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The professional's choice for recycled vehicle parts

We process over 100,000 vehicles per year, which provides us with the largest and most diverse stock of green parts in the UK.

Green OEM parts are available at up to 75% less than the RRP of equivalent new OEM parts.

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Our services

Online Information Portal
Online information portal

Powerful tools, reports and information at your finger tips, anytime and anywhere

Vehicle ELV Management
Vehicle ELV management

Fully audited process from collection to desctruction complete with images and certificates online

Recycled Part Requests
Recycled part requests

Fast sourcing of recycled parts with VRM Lookup for exact match and quick response

Management Information
Management information

Savings information report and download facilities plus online analysis tools

Recycled Part Delivery
Recycled part delivery

Secure, reliable and prompt delivery of recycled parts by our fleet and selected couriers

Vehicle ELV Disposal
Vehicle ELV disposal

Fast and efficient valuation and collection service with online monitoring and control

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About us

Our aim is quite simply to enable organisations to make considerable financial savings whilst maintaining a greener fleet.

SYNETIQ is a member of the British Vehicle Salvage Federation and the Vehicle Recyclers Association.

MyGreenFleet is one of the UK's largest and most reputable specialist vehicle dismantlers, and has grown rapidly during the last 20 years thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff, we have redefined the specialist vehicle dismantling industry.


MyGreenFleet is a service that is owned and operated by SYNETIQ Limited, that has been supplying the fleet market since 2006.

We aim to help organisations maintain highly economical and efficient fleets.

Our bodyshop supply service provides high quality recycled vehicle parts.

MyGreenFleet now has stocks in excess of 15,000+ computerised, barcoded, tested, cleaned and warranted parts and makes over 9,000+ individual shipments of recycled parts worldwide per annum.


We take our responsibilities to the environment very seriously; SYNETIQ fully complies with current ELV (End of Life Vehicle) legalisation.

Carbon Neutral

MyGreenFleet enables organisations to reduce their carbon footprint through their supply chain.

Pressure to reduce carbon emissions is undoubtedly increasing. Regulators, NGOs, politicians and consumers alike are demanding a sustainable service.

MyGreenFleet enables organisations to make positive progress in reaching sustainability goals whilst realising the financial benefits of being greener.

Carbon Neutral

MyGreenFleet enables organisations to make savings of up to 80% of the price of new parts.

MyGreenFleet enables organisations to reduce their carbon footprint through their supply chain and therefore in the goods and services delivered to consumers.

This sets organisations up to take a centre stage in the new low carbon market.

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